About Cresset

Cresset is a leading provider of computational chemistry software and consulting services.

Our patented and proven field technology uses biological activity rather than chemical similarity as the key descriptor of molecules, so our customers can create novel bioisosteres and compare compounds across chemical series. With this knowledge they are empowered to design new molecules that go beyond the obvious iterations to be the best possible step forward for the project. For businesses that invest in Cresset’s software or services the result is motivated, highly productive scientists, who deliver compounds with an excellent chance of success.

Based on the scientific developments of XEDs and fields, our technology was created by Dr. Andy Vinter whilst at the University of Cambridge and working as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry. We continue to build on Andy’s foundations by improving the accuracy and application of our technology to deliver industry leading computational chemistry software and services. Cresset’s in-house expertise encompasses medicinal, synthetic, combinatorial and physical chemistry combined with in-depth computational skills in molecular modeling, QSAR and programing.

Our products have traditionally focused on applications of our core technology to solve key problems faced by computational chemists, such as:

However, our field technology has been adopted in a wide range of markets involved in all aspects of small molecule discovery and design.

Cresset was formed in 2002 using the basic research of our founder Dr. Andy Vinter to introduce a new virtual screening technology. Over the last decade our technology has been widely adopted throughout the drug discovery and agrochemical industries. At the same time our product suite has grown to encompass desktop and enterprise level solutions. Our customers are global and include most of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, large and small biotechs, agrochemical companies and many leading academic establishments.

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