International Symposium on Compound Design Technologies: Guiding Better Decisions in Drug Discovery, Shanghai, China

Cambridge, UK – 16th October 2014 – Cresset and Optibrium, providers of chemistry software and services, today announced the ‘International Symposium on Compound Design Technologies: Guiding Better Decisions in Drug Discovery’. The symposium will be held on Friday 21st November 2014 at the British Centre in Shanghai, China.

Of particular interest to chemistry and ADMET/DMPK researchers working in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic organizations engaged in drug discovery, attendees will hear about technologies that guide them to successful small molecule and biotherapeutic drug discovery, intuitive molecular design and 3D-QSAR interpretation.

Chaired by Dr. Zhengtian Yu (Novartis), the program will feature the following presentations as well as software demonstrations by Cresset and Optibrium:

  • Integrated predictive ADMET/DMPK tools for optimizing exposure and safety in drug discovery and development, Dr. Jianling Wang, Executive Director, DMPK, Wuxi AppTec
  • Finding and applying multi-parameter rules to guide successful drug discovery, Mr. Ed Champness, Chief Scientific Officer, Optibrium
  • New methodology to design anti-T2D targeted library, Dr. Jun Xu, Professor, Sun Yat-sen University
  • Structural-based drug discovery in Shanghai Hengrui, Mr. Qiyue Hu, Associate Director, Shanghai Hengrui R&D Center
  • Matched molecular pairs and activity cliffs: the next dimension, Dr. Robert Scoffin, Chief Executive Officer, Cresset
    Practice of SBDD: The discovery of SB939, an anticancer agent in Phase II, Dr. Niefang Yu, Professor, School of Pharmaceutical Science of Central South University

Registration is free, online.

The meeting is held in association with CloudScientific, distributor for both Cresset and Optibrium products.