Leadership team

Dr Andy Vinter

Founder and Chairman


Andy is the Founder of Cresset. His ground breaking research on new virtual screening technology formed the scientific foundation of the company and has underpinned our technical development ever since. He is dedicated to investigating realistic explanations for drug and hormone interactions on biological targets at the molecular level by computational means.

Andy has over forty years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry with Beechams, Ciba, Maybridge, The Wellcome Foundation and SmithKline & French. Since 1990 he has been a Scientific Consultant and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge and has held five Visiting Professorships including UCL, KCL and Utrecht.

Dr Robert Scoffin

Chief Executive Officer


Rob is an expert in the fields of molecular modeling and cheminformatics. His previous roles include CEO of Amedis and VP, Europe at CambridgeSoft. He also heads up Re-Pharm, an early stage discovery company which uses Cresset software to assess compounds for repurposing. His DPhil is in Chemistry from the University of Oxford.

Rob is passionate about applying computational methods to help meet medical challenges. He believes drug discovery and design can be streamlined and improved through the use of computational methods, resulting in better drugs being brought to market sooner. Rob is  a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Dr Mark Mackey

Chief Scientific Officer


Mark was one of the founders of Cresset when the company was formed in 2002. He became CSO in 2013 and heads up our scientific team.

Mark has made fundamental contributions to our underlying scientific approach and to the development of the software. He works hard to extend the scientific base of the company in a way that is consistent with our reputation of rigorous scientific excellence. His team’s current research includes new ways of applying the XED force fields to proteins and improving the handling of water molecules.

Mark’s previous experience includes roles at Napp Pharmaceuticals and Merck, Sharpe and Dohme. His PhD is in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge and he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Dr Tim Cheeseright

Director of Products


After a DPhil in Chemistry at the University of Oxford, Tim gained experience as a medicinal chemist and a molecular modeler at Peptide Therapeutics and Medivir. He joined Cresset immediately after its founding in 2002. He has been instrumental in developing the easy to use scientific software that characterises Cresset today.

As Director of Products Tim is responsible for Cresset’s range of software for computational chemists and medicinal chemists. His commitment to innovative, usable and accessible science is evident in every release.

Dr Martin Slater

Director of Discovery Services


Martin is Director of Consulting for Cresset Discovery Services. He studied medicinal chemistry at the Universities of Huddersfield and Leeds then spent 14 years in the highly dynamic pharmaceutical ‘fee for service’ environment at BioFocus where he supported medicinal chemistry and a diverse range of programs.

Martin heads up our Discovery Services team and thrives on the varied challenges of applying our computational chemistry expertise to a wide range of collaborative work. His innovative and rigorous approach combines excellent science with outstanding customer communication.

Dr David Bardsley

Commercial Director


As Commercial Director David heads up the Sales and Marketing team. Through his global role and direct interactions with people across industry and academia he is always seeking ways to serve our customers better. His fundamental rule is to listen to the customer in order to discover and understand their needs.

David has extensive commercial experience with software and technology solutions in the scientific market. Prior to Cresset, David was responsible for business development and strategic commercial growth, with Symyx Technologies and CambridgeSoft. David has a PhD and BSc in Microbiology from the University of Wales, Cardiff.