BASF Crop Protection has a global license giving their agrochemical researchers in Germany and India access to Cresset computational chemistry tools.

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Cresset is the exclusive global distribution and support partner for BioMolTech’s protein-ligand software Lead Finder.


The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) is dedicated to the advancement of chemistry and crystallography for the public benefit through providing high quality information, software and services.

CCDC and Cresset work together to make the fragments and conformations from the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD), the world’s only comprehensive, up-to-date, and fully-curated knowledge base of small molecule crystal structures, accessible through Spark.

Combining Cresset’s computational chemistry expertise with Concept Life Science’s experimental chemistry and biology capabilities, enabling delivery of  fully integrated drug discovery programmes  from leaders in their respective fields.

This collaboration brings together the collective knowledge of over 120  scientists with experience on over ninety biological targets across more than ten therapeutic areas.

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Cresset is the distributor of COSMOlogic software to pharmaceutical companies in North America.
COSMOlogic applications provide robust predictions of fluid phase properties and is very widely used in synthetic chemistry, chemical engineering and drug development.


Cresset and Domainex have formed an alliance to provide their customers with world-class laboratory-based and computational drug discovery services through a seamless combination of their respective capabilities in chemistry and biology.

The alliance will give clients fully-integrated access to the renowned expertise of Domainex in protein expression, biochemical assays, hit identification, computational and medicinal chemistry; and to Cresset’s world-class approach to hit identification and drug design using its proprietary computational technologies.

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eMolecules provides business intelligence data and integrated ecommerce software for screening compound, chemical building blocks and primary antibody supply chains. Spark reagent databases are based on available compounds from eMolecules.


Level Five distributes Cresset software and discovery services in Japan.


Monsanto uses Cresset’s field technology for the identification and development of agrochemicals.


Optibrium makes software that guides decisions involving complex, uncertain data in an intuitive way. Their primary product is StarDrop, which helps researchers deliver optimally balanced drugs.

Cresset are proud to provide the Torch3D plugin to StarDrop.