Innovative Software for Molecule Discovery and Design

Time Session
09:15 Introduction to Cresset
09:30 Cresset Science and Software
10:00 Ligand-based Design Using Forge™ and Spark
11:00 Break
11:30 Structure-based Design Using Flare
12:30 How Cresset Customers Use Our Software: A Review of Presentations from Cressset User Group Meetings
13:00 Lunch
13:45 Break
15:15 Hands-on Software Workshop: Introduction to Flare
16:45 Discussion
17:00 Close

Dr Mark Mackey, CSO, Cresset

mark-mackey-leadershipMark graduated from the University of Tasmania in 1992 with a BSc in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Between 1988 and 1992 Mark was awarded the following accolades: Chemistry Honors Prize at University of Tasmania; Dean’s citation for outstanding undergraduate and Honors achievements; University Medal from University of Tasmania; ICI Australia Ltd Prize for third year chemistry; Masson Memorial Prize for top chemistry graduate in Australia.

In 1993 Mark moved to the University of Cambridge where he was awarded his PhD in 1997. It was during his time at Cambridge that Mark first worked with Dr Andy Vinter, founder of Cresset.

Upon completion of his PhD Mark worked as a Molecular Modeler and Senior Research Scientist for Napp Pharmaceuticals and Merck Sharp & Dohme respectively.

In 2002 Dr Vinter invited Mark to join him as a founder member of Cresset. Mark has designed and added fundamental science to tools that are now accepted and used by many pharmaceutical, agrochemical and academic institutions across the world. In 2010 Mark was appointed as CSO of Cresset.