Find new leads from peptides and natural ligands

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Date and duration

Date: June 29th 2022

Time: 2pm BST / 3pm CEST / 9am EDT

Duration: 45 minutes

Format: Webinar


Virtual screening can be a very efficient way to identify initial lead molecules or a back-up series for a drug discovery program. Advantages include access to increased molecular diversity and an ability to find new IP which result in savings in time and ultimately cost. One of the most critical challenges of virtual screening is determining the most effective screening strategy, which includes working through the data and detail of the experimental design to achieve the desired outcome for any given starting point.

In this webinar, learn how to analyze and develop an appropriate virtual screening strategy for complex target systems for which no simple small ligands exist, and how to work this into an effective virtual screen. We will walk through how this can be performed by either accessing our advanced ligand-based virtual screening platform, Blaze™, directly, or through our comprehensive structure and ligand-based modeling platform, Flare™.

About the presenter

Stuart Firth-Clark, Senior Application Scientist

Stuart Firth-Clark

Stuart Firth-Clark obtained his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Bath where he investigated the use of computational methodologies to study chemical reactivity. He then spent 20 years working for small biotech contract research organizations where he was responsible for developing and implementing their computational chemistry services to prospective and existing customers. Stuart is now a Senior Application Scientist at Cresset. His responsibilities include training and supporting Cresset customers so that they can achieve their scientific goals using Cresset’s ligand-based and structure-based software solutions.

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