Improving new molecule design using electrostatics

Webinar overview

May 5th, 11am EDT (duration 1 hour)

Electrostatic interactions between ligands and their receptors are important factors for molecular recognition. Assessing the ligand-receptor Electrostatic Complementarity™ provides valuable information for molecular design. Learn how to use Flare™, Cresset’s structure-based design platform, to design ligands that are electrostatically complementary to the protein active site; visualize ligand-protein interactions; design new molecules in the context of the active site; easily dock new molecule designs to a protein active site; and assess the Electrostatic Complementarity between ligands and protein.

Who should attend and why

Who should attend

  • Medicinal chemists based in North America
  • Synthetic chemists based in North America
  • Computational chemists based in North America

Why attend

  • Learn essential skills to enhance your comp chem toolbox
  • Facilitate increased engagement with your computational chemistry team
  • All attendees will receive a 60 DAY FREE TRIAL of Cresset desktop solutions


Note: On this occasion this webinar is only open to those located in North America. If you are outside North America but are interested in this webinar content please contact us.

Workshop May 5th 2020
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This webinar will be held using Go To Meeting within North America only. Dial-in details will be sent to delegates after registration.