Improving New Molecule Design Using Electrostatics

Webinar overview

May 5th, 11am EDT (duration 1 hour)

Electrostatic interactions between ligands and their receptors are important factors for molecular recognition. Assessing the ligand-receptor Electrostatic Complementarity™ provides valuable information for molecular design. Learn how to use Flare™, Cresset’s structure-based design platform, to design ligands that are electrostatically complementary to the protein active site; visualize ligand-protein interactions; design new molecules in the context of the active site; easily dock new molecule designs to a protein active site; and assess the Electrostatic Complementarity between ligands and protein.

Who should attend and why

Who should attend

  • Medicinal chemists based in North America
  • Synthetic chemists based in North America
  • Computational chemists based in North America

Why attend

  • Learn essential skills to enhance your comp chem toolbox
  • Facilitate increased engagement with your computational chemistry team
  • All attendees will receive a 60 DAY FREE TRIAL of Cresset desktop solutions


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This webinar will be held using Go To Meeting within North America only. Dial-in details will be sent to delegates after registration.