Summarizing and understanding complex SAR

Webinar overview

March 24th, 11am EDT (duration 1 hour)

Understanding structure-activity relationships (SAR) is fundamental in many aspects of drug discovery, from exploring chemical space to lead optimization. Using Forge™, Cresset’s ligand-based workbench for SAR analysis and molecule design, you will learn how Activity Miner™ and Activity Atlas™ can help rapidly navigate complex SAR in a series of molecules. Topics covered include finding critical regions of SAR using activity cliff analysis; understanding the electrostatic and shape changes that cause a difference in activity; generating meaningful summaries of SAR into a visual 3D model to inform molecule design and help prioritize molecules for synthesis.

Who should attend and why

Who should attend

  • Medicinal chemists
  • Synthetic chemists
  • Computational chemists

Why attend

  • Learn essential skills to enhance your comp chem toolbox
  • Facilitate increased engagement with your computational chemistry team
  • All participants who complete the duration of the online workshop will receive a 60 DAY FREE TRIAL of Cresset desktop solutions


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