Cresset June Newsletter

Design a Molecule Competition – Win an iPad2

Design a Molecule Competition - Win an iPad2

Cresset User Group Meeting

This year’s Cresset User Group meeting will be at Downing College, Cambridge on Sep 21-22, 2011. The first half day will be a training session and will immediately follow the MGMS meeting at which the career of Dr Andy Vinter will be honoured. We are currently pulling together the agenda and would be delighted to hear from potential speakers.

Academic Access Program

Cresset recently announced a major new academic access program for all of its tools, including software bursaries and free individual research and training licenses and free downloads of some its tools.

New Product Releases – Pipeline Pilot & KNIME support

Cresset has released new command line versions of many of its FieldStere, FieldAlign and FieldView tools along with free Pipeline Pilot protocols and KNIME nodes, which can be used to wrap these tools into larger workflows and enterprise processes.

New Product Releases – Xedex and Free XedMin tools

For the first time, Cresset has released tools based on its unique XED forcefield. The Xedex conformation hunter and the free XedMin ligand minimizer can now be downloaded from the Cresset website.

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