Presentations from the Cresset User Group Meeting 2019

Thank you to all attendees who contributed to the success of the Cresset User Group Meeting 2019. As I'm sure you can appreciate, many of our users' work is confidential and hence consent is not always given to publish the presentations given at the meeting. If I may be so bold, I think this is a great argument for physically being with us, and so I would encourage you to attend a future meeting, but in the meantime here are the presentations we do have permission to share:

Presentations we have consent to publish

It is truly astonishing to see how far the extended electron distribution has come. Thank you for including me in today. It is not only the science, but also the amazing collection of wonderful people that make Cresset so special.

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June 18-19, 2020 • Cambridge, UK

Cressset User Group Meeting 2019

Cresset User Group Meeting delegates 2019

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