FieldScreen 2.5.0 released

New release of FieldScreen, efficient ligand based virtual screening. This release includes major improvements for system administrators and users.

New features in the latest release of FieldScreen

The latest version of FieldScreen brings significant improvements in system management and major enhancements in result visualisation with FieldView 1.1.0.

FieldScreen 2.5.0, new management features

  • Faster – new infrastructure and file formats for compound collections make this release significantly faster than previous versions
  • Significantly reduced disk space requirements using new compression tools
  • New easy to use web interface for FieldScreen system settings

FieldScreen 2.5.0, new user features

  • New FieldView application for viewing Virtual screening results
  • Visualise each 3D result side by side with a 2D representation
  • Every result is reported together with TPSA, wcLogP, MW, Rule of fives violations etc
  • Interactively filter the results using any sdf tag or using the physical properties calculated by FieldView
  • View molecular fields around every result as points or surfaces, cross compare search queries and mutiple results using fields

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