FieldStere V2.0

A New Generation of Cloud Computing Applications

FieldStere V2.0 is the first in Cresset’s new generation of “cloud enabled” applications, which support parallel, distributed computing by default. This enables FieldStere to be run both as a traditional desktop application and on large, distributed computing servers. Enabling massively parallel processing brings real-time assessment of new directions for medicinal chemistry and the patentability and in-licensing potential of drug candidates a step closer.

FieldStere 2 also introduces more flexible licensing and key user features that improve productivity and customisability:

  • Command line interface to support scripting and workflow systems
  • Databases
    • Automatic fragment de-duplication across databases
    • Timestamping of all databases (to support results tracking in ELN & patent applications)
  • Results
    • New “Bio-Isostere Factor” score to differentiate the effect of replacement moieties more clearly
    • Highlighting of results containing potentially unstable chemistries or conformations
    • Copying of results to the clipboard as 2D or 3D for pasting into drawing applications or presentations
    • Exporting of the result table direct to PDF (for archiving) or printer

FieldStere is now faster, more interactive with other applications, and easier to employ in corporate distributed computing or workflow environments.


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