FieldView 2.0.1 Released

Cresset’s popular, free molecule editor and viewer has been updated to introduce new search functionality and the range of supported platforms has been extended to include Macintosh.

Following the recent successful launch of FieldView, a number of our customers had asked us for a Mac version. We are delighted to announce that with the release of FieldView 2.0.1 we have now brought molecule viewing and editing to the Mac desktop. Mac users can now create new molecules, view large datasets of molecules, and interpret SAR information using FieldView. Of course FieldView remains available completely free for all users on all platforms, whether academic or industrial. To download your copy, please click here.

This release of FieldView also brings important enhancements to Cresset’s existing Windows and  Linux users. FieldView 2.0.1 now includes the option to directly search FieldScreen using any FieldView molecule. Once setup, all you have to do is click on the molecule that you want to use in FieldScreen, click “Search FieldScreen”, select the databases that you want to search and press go.  We have also made some enhancements to data import and export, making SAR intepretation using FieldView easier than ever.

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