June 2021 newsletter

Flare V5 released: Innovative science and synergy Flare V5 released GUI
between ligand and structure-based methods 

Flare™ V5 is now available. This release of our comprehensive platform for drug design features new and enhanced science, integration of ligand and protein-based approaches and new and improved GUI features to increase usability.

Presentations from the Cresset User Group Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended our User Group Meeting, which was held again virtually this year. If you were unable to attend, or if you'd like to hear about the latest developments from Cresset scientists and software users, the presentations are available upon request.

Cresset: Your partner for virtual screening whether outsourced and/or in-Figure 2: Blaze search using a known A2C adrenergic agonist as query retrieves a wide diversity of novel structures including many known 

Virtual screening is a powerful computational technique for exploring new chemical space and generating new IP in the search for novel hits. Whether you have a dedicated internal team and resources, or you are new to virtual screening, Cresset can work with you to devise the best approach for your project.

Managing your CRO partnerships: How to shareTorx Make request tracking boardinformatioeffectively and securely 

We explore some of the key functionalities within Torx Make™ that simplify the setup and delivery of synthesis targets by CRO teams through secure sharing, communication and in-application reporting.

What types of companies outsource computational What types of companies outsource computational chemistry
chemistry and why?

Martin Slater, Director of Consulting Services, explains the diverse range of organizations that outsource computational chemistry and the cross-industry expertise his team can offer.

July 13th

Increase productivity in your synthesis projects with real-time progress tracking

July 13th and 14th
FEP methods in Flare™ V5:

New features and enhancements

July 15th
How quantum technology can accelerate the drug discovery process

Torx Make enables synthetic chemistry teams to capture and manage all project compounds and contextual information in a single location, allowing users to share progress in real-time without laborious reporting. In this webinar, we'll show you how easy it is to learn the status of every project compound and design in seconds.

Registration is open.

We will introduce the new features available when designing and running FEP simulations in Flare V5 which make the user experience easier and the calculations faster, allowing more molecules to be incorporated into a single drug discovery project.

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Hear from Novartis, Cresset and Fujitsu as they discuss the impact of technological advances in quantum computing and how they’ve applied quantum-inspired innovations themselves to deliver speed, efficiency and cost benefits within their organisations.

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