New Services Launched

New Cost Efficient Lead Finding and Optimization Services Launched

Cresset specializes in the use of molecular Fields to help identify novel active chemistry across any target family. We have an impressive track record of discovering and optimizing novel active leads for customers built over 8 years.

Cresset has a success rate of over 80% across a wide range of target classes, on behalf of a range of customers from major pharmaceutical companies to small biotechs.

Cresset can now offer a quick, easy and cost-effective service to increase the diversity and innovation of your lead series. Using our Field based tools we can find a range of likely bioisosteres with diverse chemical scaffolds that you can use for screening assays, lead optimization, scaffold switching or repositioning, whether or not you know the structure of your target.

We have worked hard to make this service affordable, secure and quick so everyone can benefit from it.

Please click here for more information or contact us about a free, confidential consultation. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how Cresset could help you in your drug discovery projects.

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