November 2011 Newsletter

FieldStere V3.0 ReleaseFieldStere is now better than ever.  Click here for an overview of the changes, or check out the case studies and videos below for details.  

FieldView: Tips & Tricks Part 2

FieldView is our extremely popular 3D  molecular viewer and editor.  Last month we featured tips for using the viewer, and this month we’ve included a quick guide to using the editor.   FieldView is available as a free download to all users, whether industrial or academic, so if you haven’t given it a try, click here to get it for free.

Videos: See FieldStere V3.0 in Action

We’ve created three brief video demonstrations to clearly illustrate the new features of FieldStere.  We’ll cover molecular comparisons, user interface improvements and the new database updater in these demos.  If you still have questions about FieldStere V3.0, you can always contact us at

8 Questions with Dr. Rae Lawrence

Rae Lawrence is Cresset’s hard-working North American Sales Manager.  With over 10 years in the chemistry software business and a PhD in computational chemistry, she’s an excellent customer resource.  She’s also a well loved colleague with some strong opinions on the state of drug discovery today, and an interesting history as a theater star.  Curious?

Get to know Rae Lawrence here…

FieldStere: New Features at work

Because this new release includes such valuable changes to the software, we though we’d give you a few examples of how these changes will work in practice.  Click the links below to see how FieldStere enables fragment growing with protein kinases and chemotype morphing with Beta Secretase.

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