Release of FieldStere 1.1.0

Cresset announce the release of FieldStere 1.1.0 which incldues major advances in the accuracy and analysis of results

FieldStere 1.1.0 introduces major enhancements

FieldStere version 1.1.0 has been released with many new features that will

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase accuracy of results
  • Increase information content
  • Reduce time to evaluate results

Computational Chemists find the the new facility to visual inspect the full field surrounding new molecules side by side with the original target vital in their choice of compounds to progress. The new capability to use a protein crystal structure as an excluded volume surrounding the ligand is also proving popular with users, increasing accuracy and gaining trust from synthetic chemists. See the the new features in action in this webclip.

Computational and Medicinal Chemists find the Results Filter invaluable. Real time filtering of the results according to logP, TPSA, Rule of Five compliance or using any of the columns present in the results table makes the rapid selection of new compounds for synthesis quick and easy whilst improving diversity and increasing creativity. See the new features for yourself with this webclip.

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