Release of FieldStere

Cresset announce the release of FieldStere, a revolutionary bioisostere technology.

Cresset BioMolecular Discovery Launches FieldStere

A smart, easy to use new product that generates non-obvious drug candidates

Cresset BioMolecular Discovery Ltd (Cresset) announces today the launch of FieldStere, a new software product that enables medicinal chemists to enrich their shortlist of drug candidates with structurally diverse compounds that share the same desired biological activity (bioisosteres). FieldStere allows the fine-tuning of the resulting bioisosteres to enhance potency and specificity whilst removing undesirable ADME and physical properties.

The new FieldStere product builds on Cresset’s proprietary Field technology, which describes chemical structures in terms of the surface properties of the whole molecule. These determine, much more accurately than existing tools, how a compound will interact with other molecules.
FieldStere was developed at the request of Cresset’s clients. “Our clients recognised the potential of our Field technology in a range of areas such as lead optimisation, candidate switching, compound evaluation andinvestigation of new patent opportunities around existing therapeutics,” said Bea Leigh, CEO of Cresset. “In pre-launch testing with existing biotech and pharmaceutical customers, FieldStere performed outstandingly well and received very positive feedback. Users reported that the product consistently identified both known bioisosteres and non-obvious, structurally diverse compounds.”

These non-obvious compounds increase the medicinal chemistry repertoire and can represent novel product opportunities unprotected by existing patents. As a result, FieldStere has application in the development of patent strategy for the protection of new molecular entities, identifying follow-on compounds as marketed products come off patent and lead optimisation of new drugs.

“In today’s climate, FieldStere is a promising new tool that allows me to rapidly identify novel chemistry to solve biological problems, and offers a potential route to open up new therapeutic opportunities” commented Dr. Caroline Low, Head of Molecular Modeling and CADD at the Drug Discovery Centre, Imperial College, London.

FieldStere will be sold through Cresset’s sales operations and offered as part of a leveraged service offering to companies that need to access specialist chemistry services.

For further information please contact:
Bea Leigh, CEO of Cresset BioMolecular Discovery
Tel: +44 1707 356120

Notes to Editors


Bioisosteres are novel structurally diverse compounds that share the same desired biological activity as known lead compounds, but have different chemical structures (chemotypes) which may be chosen to overcome side effects and avoid intellectual property issues.


Cresset was founded to develop and market the basic scientific developments of XEDs and Fields made by Dr Andy Vinter whilst at Cambridge University and working as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry. The company is backed by the Wellcome Trust and located at BioPark Hertfordshire in Welwyn Garden City, just north of London.

Cresset’s expertise encompasses medicinal, synthetic, combinatorial, and physical chemistry combined with in-depth computational skills in molecular modelling, QSAR and programming. The company provides collaborative discovery services to industry in addition to selling its software products directly to clients.

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