Review of Scientific Computing World ‘Streamlining drug discovery’ article

Drug discovery is an increasingly complex process with significant time and costs needed to develop a new drug from hypothesis to market. As a result, companies are turning to computational methods to accelerate their discovery workflows by predicting the likelihood of compound failure and enabling them to prioritize the right drug candidates. Engaging specialist consultancy services allows companies to benefit from such sophisticated methods without committing to the investment of establishing and maintaining an in-house team.

In his article ‘Streamlining drug discovery’ (Scientific Computing World, Spring 2021), Robert Roe explores the growing trends of computer-aided drug discovery (CADD) and outsourcing in the industry. The article features the Flare™ ligand-based and structure-based molecule design platform and its ability to make use of both structural knowledge of a target or known active ligands to highlight potential candidates. It also highlights Martin Slater’s (Director of Consulting Services) blog on ‘Streamlining molecular discovery’, which describes how his team of molecule design experts collaborate with organizations in the pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical and flavor and fragrances industries to deliver discovery projects.

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