Streamlining CRO collaboration and information delivery with Torx

As a specialist CADD CRO, Cresset Discovery applies sophisticated computational approaches and extensive cross-industry expertise to support pharmaceutical and biotech companies with molecular discovery projects. We often find that our collaborators use multiple communication channels to share and review design ideas, before they are prioritized for synthesis. As a result, key chemical information can be lost as it is fragmented and stored in many different formats, such as Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint slides, which cannot be searched easily or effectively. Our consultants address this challenge by utilizing Torx™, a chemistry aware web-based platform that provides a centralized location to capture and securely share all project information.

We demonstrate the power of combining our expertise for computational hypotheses generation with Torx in our webinar ‘Streamlining collaboration and information delivery of outsourced discovery projects’. We show how we share chemically-rich project information with collaborators instantly and remove productivity bottlenecks. Live shared sessions in Torx enable us to review and discuss your project with you in real-time, whatever your location. Working together in Torx gives a dynamic exchange of ideas so that we can help you to deliver better molecules for your project.

Request your copy of the webinar recording to learn more and to watch a demonstration of how we use the Torx platform to facilitate collaboration. To find out more about we can help to advance your discovery project, contact us for a free confidential discussion.

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