CAS and Torx collaborate to accelerate small molecule discovery

Cambridge, UK – 02 February 2023Torx® Software Limited, provider of the ground-breaking Torx technology platform for managing small molecule discovery chemistry, today ­announced a collaboration with CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, to connect CAS SciFindern users seamlessly through the Torx platform to streamline workflows for discovery chemistry. The integration expands on the intrinsic design and analysis capabilities within Torx to speed time to relevant, actionable insights and optimize decision-making.
Medicinal and synthetic chemists and discovery program managers on small molecule chemistry teams must align many aspects of the molecule design process. Design, review, prioritization, resource allocation and scheduling are all separate parts of a complex process that can lead to productivity bottlenecks and slow the whole team down. Torx removes these bottlenecks by reimagining the end-to-end process to provide a more team-friendly, productivity-centric approach.

CAS SciFinderⁿ provides solutions to challenges encountered in scientific research and discovery, offering key benefits to scientists across multiple stages of research and development efforts, including reactions, synthesis, and relevant reference searching. Teams can quickly and confidently inform their critical research activities with key information such as chemical names, related chemical structures, regulatory information and properties, reaction-schemes, step-by-step experimental procedures, detailed conditions, and product yields, among others.

Medicinal chemists who have a subscription can now connect seamlessly to CAS SciFindern from within the Torx platform to perform literature and patent reviews to uncover key insights, and mine chemical substances, reagents, and reaction schemes to devise synthetic plans using the CAS SciFindern advanced search, visualization, filtering and analysis capabilities. Users can add the dedicated CAS SciFindern plugin window to their customizable, information-rich Torx design environment to search and display the results in CAS SciFindern, alongside real-time critical physico-chemical, near-neighbor, and 3D-pose information about their small molecules in Torx.
“This is an invaluable collaboration that demonstrates both the power of CAS SciFindern and the flexibility of Torx in supporting our users’ workflow,” said Dr. Tim Cheeseright, CEO, Torx Software. “This integration enables users to make informed decisions quickly and accelerate towards their next clinical candidate, through the ability to search the extensive information within CAS SciFindern with a simple click of a button in Torx.”
“Enabling this seamless connection from Torx to CAS SciFindern provides our mutual customers with efficient access to authoritative scientific information needed to accelerate discoveries,” said Andrea Jacobs, Senior Product Manager for Partnerships, CAS. “Our collaboration underscores the commitments of our organizations to continuously improve productivity and workflow capabilities that empower our users’ success.”
Learn more about the CAS and Torx software collaboration at the upcoming webinar ‘Connected chemistry: How to choose the most promising drug candidates from your hit list’ on March 8th.

Medicinal chemists can access the full capabilities of CAS SciFinder-n via a dedicated plugin in the Torx Design GUI

Figure. Medicinal chemists can access the full capabilities of CAS SciFindern via a dedicated plugin in the Torx Design GUI.

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