Software and consulting solutions for academics

Cresset is proud to support students and academic researchers, at all stages of their careers, with flexible licensing options for drug discovery software and tailored consulting solutions

View important ligand-protein interactions in Flare Visualizer

Create publication-quality graphics for free

Generate high-resolution images of your proteins and ligands using Flare™ Visualizer, which enables you to view important ligand-protein interactions using Cresset’s powerful description of electrostatics.

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Software for students

PhD students are eligible for special licenses for Cresset software. In addition, any student enrolled in a defined degree course where the output is intended for wholly academic purposes is entitled to user licenses for Spark™ and Flare™ for Academics.

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Software for teaching

3D modeling software can accelerate students’ understanding and bring the subject to life for them. Delivering your computational modeling course using an intuitive interface will help students pick up concepts quickly and effectively, escpecially when using the software themselves.

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Software for research

Flexible licensing terms are available for software used for academic research, including for PhD studies. We actively encourage academic groups using Cresset software to publish their results and we're grateful to the academic community for their many software citations.

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Collaborative working

Collaborative research

Cresset Discovery enhances the computational chemistry component of your research project. Our team of expert scientists has worked on a wide number of academic projects, many of which have been written up as case studies or in academic papers.

Working together from the early stages of a project means that we can help with research applications and funding proposals.

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License your academic code

We have a track record of collaborating with academics to build code into Cresset computational chemistry environments, providing convenience, connectivity, usability, validation and support.

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Share your published research

We're always delighted to hear and share success stories from our users. Let us know if you've published research using Cresset solutions to include on our citations page so that we can share it with our readers.

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