Academic testimonials

“My group has been using Cresset’s software as part of their academic research partnership program for approximately one and a half years, on my project aimed at designing new entry inhibitors for HIV-1. We have had some interesting and exciting results from our Blaze, Torch, and Spark experiments which have led to us designing a novel entry inhibitor with a new scaffold (scaffold-hopping). In addition, the Cresset suites of software have been invaluable for teaching members of my research group about hit-to-lead optimization and inhibitor design as a whole. This is because the field point representation of a compound is more intuitive for those people who are more biologically than chemistry oriented. The support from Cresset, and Rae Lawrence in particular, has been exceptional and we look forward to continuing our partnership through this project and beyond.”

Simon Cocklin PhD
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Member, Centre for Virology & Therapeutics
Institute for Molecular Medicine and Infectious Disease
Drexel University College of Medicine

“Cresset systems have proven invaluable to our research and teaching over the years.”

“Our students who use the Cresset systems in their projects tend to gain an affinity with a number of med-chem concepts far earlier than those who do strictly organic projects, for example using FieldStere (now called Spark) to identify new frameworks that possess favorable properties and which can then be synthesized in the lab via a novel reaction. Compounds can be tracked within a FieldView (now called TorchLite) template and the student can invoke field patterns and orbital coefficients to explain changes to NMR spectra.”

Raj Gosain PhD
University of Southampton, UK

“I use Cresset’s software in classes to help students visualize molecules and for my own research. The initial response from students was enthusiastic. They were impressed seeing stuff they haven’t before. If student interest increases, we can arrange something like an extra lab.”

“Since the new software that Cresset provided is applicable to most projects, I am confident the software will help reach a major breakthrough in my research.”

“The software gives new insight to projects I’ve been working on for the past three to four years. I specifically use it to see how proteins, DNA and molecules interact and bind to each other. If we can design drug molecules that will bind to DNA the same way proteins do, we can open up whole new lines of therapy.”

“Cresset is supportive of academic research and they’ve been wonderful to work with to get everything up and running.”

Daniel Barr PhD
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Utica College, USA

“I found the presentation/talk by the Cresset representative very interesting and informative. I learned a lot of new things about the process of drug design and was intrigued by the software this company has to offer. I liked the applications to drugs that we were familiar with and the references to chocolate and caffeine. Overall, I thought this was a very effective use of lecture time because it provided our class with the chance to think about how the things we are learning in class will be applied once we reach the professional level.”

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Utica College, USA

“Very interesting I never knew there was a program that could do so much without having to perform the actual reactions. Very helpful with the group project this definitely lined us up for finding new forms of our molecule to possibly get it to react in better/more productive ways.”

“Overall it was a great learning experience and it was a lot of fun learning about all of the different chemicals and their properties in chocolate.”

“It was a big step in the right direction for our projects. I was worried on how we would know what new functional groups could actually fit onto our molecule but this program allows us to do that easily.”

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Utica College, USA