For the past 10 years, Cresset tools have been used successfully by consultancies of varying sizes, including independent contractors and small businesses. Our software enables consultants to be more efficient in discovery projects while providing clients with the very best results. We understand the need for small consultancies to pass along high value, high quality results to clients and have constructed the following options to give you the flexibility to do just this.

Access the core software applications at a special consultancy rate

Get full unlimited access to SparkTorch and Forge at a discounted consultancy rate along with free software training.  Your 12 month license lets you work on client projects, advertising material or academic collaborations with very few restrictions. You will benefit from finding non-obvious bioisosteres using Spark, explore these bioisosteres further using Torch, and use Forge to underpin your work on all targets, even those without crystal data. To help you get the most from your software, we will offer you two complementary half-day training sessions, which you can take advantage of any time during the year.

Flexible software access with Pay-As-You-Go

Pay-As-You Go (PAYG) is a flexible way for small consultancies to access our technology, gain from our unique science and approach but only pay for the time spent on client projects. When you activate PAYG pricing you will receive a 12 month license for Spark, Torch, and Forge for your own personal use completely free of charge. When projects arise you can purchase access to the applications for a low monthly fee and use the software on defined project(s) during that month. You can choose to charge the access fee through to your client or take it as a regular business expense. During your 12 months license period you must commit to purchase one PAYG month.

Virtual screening with Blaze PAYG

Cresset has been offering Blaze as a virtual screening service for over 8 years. After running hundreds of projects, we have a success rate that we’re extremely proud of and we are now opening up our Blaze offerings to you, the consultants.  If as part of your consultancy with a client you want to take advantage of Blaze’s ability to suggest truly novel, lead-like compounds then you can do this on a per project basis with no long term commitment. You will get a secure login to our software as a service application where you will be able to run sufficient screens to see your project through to completion.