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Cresset software focuses on novel methods to discover, design, perfect or view compounds and their data in easy to use applications. Our applications are firmly founded in the experience of our customers and the most common problems that they face. However, our development expertise is not limited by our applications. We have an excellent track record of delivering novel scientific plugins, command line applications and workflows that go beyond our commercial offerings.

Custom integration

Many customers have extensive in-house computational chemistry tools that their chemists appreciate and derive value from. They like to access the unique benefits of Cresset software from within their existing solutions. In this situation Cresset Discovery can develop software that is seamlessly integrated with the customer’s existing framework. From viewing our excellent electrostatic interaction potentials to detecting 3D activity cliffs we have the expertise to plug Cresset directly into their world.

Unique science

Customers regularly approach us with specific workflows, or novel approaches for which they require a truly bespoke solution. We can either develop bespoke software with an exclusive license, or co-develop novel methods for the customer to their requirements, before developing it for a wider commercial market. In either case we use our extensive experience of creating software for chemistry workflows to deliver usable, stable and functional solutions that solve the customer needs.

Bespoke software gives customers access to Cresset software without having to change their software environment.

Dr Martin Slater, Director, Cresset Discovery

Case study

Cresset were recently asked to develop a tool that could look at a customer’s SAR data and prioritize new molecules for synthesis based on the information that they would add to the project, as well as potential for activity. The outcome of this work was a ground-breaking 3D-QSAR application. As part of the customer agreement, Cresset went on to commercialize the application as Activity Atlas, which is now a component of Forge.

If you have a situation that requires a novel solution, get in touch for a free, confidential discussion to find out how Cresset Discovery can work with you to develop a bespoke application.


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