March 2019: Rapid interpretation of patent SAR using Forge
February 2019: Comparing Forge’s command line utility to Blaze – which one should you use?
January 2019: Forge V10.6 released


December 2018: CEO end of year message 2018
November 2018: Flare Viewer: Free access to Flare for structure-based design
October 2018: Sneak peek: PickR to select electrostatically diverse monomers for libraries
September 2018: Integrating Jupyter Notebook into Flare
August 2018: Investigating the SAR of XIAP ligands with Electrostatic Complementarity maps and scores
July 2018: Launch of Cresset Python extensions for Flare
June 2018: Flare V2 released: New science and functionality
May 2018: Last chance to register for Cresset User Group Meeting
April 2018: A sneak peek into Flare V2: Python API and new science
March 2018: Flare: Accessible structure-based design
February 2018: Case study: Using Spark to design macrocycle BRD4 inhibitors
January 2018: Spark V10.5 released


December 2017: CEO end of year message
November 2017: Tversky similarity in field-based virtual screening
October 2017: Forge and Torch V10.5 released
September 2017: Blaze V10.3 released for even better virtual screening
August 2017: Comparing ligand and protein electrostatics of Btk inhibitors
July 2017: Flare release announcement
June 2017: Flare release imminent
May 2017: Last chance to register for The Cresset User Group Meeting
April 2017: Last chance for early access to Flare
March 2017: Flare sneak peek
February 2017: Case study: Conduct ligand-protein docking
January 2017: New visual identity for Cresset


November & December 2016: Docking Factor-Xa ligands with Lead Finder
October 2016: Progress in structure-based design at Cresset
September 2016: What’s in the Cresset Discovery Services virtual screening toolbox?
August 2016: The synergistic relationship between Forge and Spark
July 2016: Activity Atlas analysis of sodium channel antagonists
June 2016: Using services to evaluate software
May 2016: Last chance to register for User Group Meetings
April 2016: Spark V10.4 released
March 2016: Managing the procurement process to deliver plated compounds
February 2016: Outsourcing pre-clinical discovery from start-ups and medium sized pharma
January 2016: Converting patent data into 3D maps of SAR


November & December 2015: End of year message from CEO
October 2015: New KNIME node and Pipeline Pilot (V2.4.0) components released
September 2015: Analyzing data in Torch V10.4 to help you choose the best new molecule to progress to synthesis
August 2015: Applying the XED molecular mechanics force field to the binding mechanism of GPCRs
July 2015: Large-scale compound clustering in 3D
June 2015: Forge V10.4 and Torch V10.4 released
May 2015: Last chance to register for User Group Meetings
April 2015: ChEMBL leadlike compounds freely searchable on Blaze demo server
March 2015: A 3D-QSAR study on DPP-4 inhibitors
February 2015: Ignite your medicinal chemistry creativity
January 2015: Elucidating the bioactive conformation of CCR5 inhibitors


November & December 2014: End of year message from CEO
October 2014: Spark V10.3 released
September 2014: Spark sneak peek
Augus 2014t: New KNIME nodes and Pipeline Pilot (V2.2) components released
July 2014: XedTools 3.1 released
June 2014: Forge V10.3 released
May 2014: Invitation from CEO to Cresset user group meetings
April 2014: Blaze V10.2 released
March 2014: Applying the XED molecular mechanics force field to the binding mechanism of GPCRs
February 2014: Pipeline Pilot components v2.0.0 released
January 2014: Electrostatic environments around charged molecules: part 2 – dealing with proteins


December 2013: End of year message from CEO
November 2013: Spark V10.2 released
October 2013: Forge V10.2 released
September 2013: Torch V10.2 released
July 2013: Investigating compound collection diversity using fields
June 2013: BlazeGPU released
May 2013: Field based chemistry Europe
April 2013: Field based chemistry North America
March 2013: Forge V10.1 released
February 2013: New release of XedTools
January 2013: Using pharmacophores to find new targets for existing drugs


December 2012: Blaze launched
November 2012: Software as a service
October 2012: Torch and TorchLite released
September 2012: Spark released
August 2012: Virtual screening with Forge
July 2012: Forge released
June 2012: Last chance to register for scientific meeting
May 2012: Powerful computational suite to understand SAR and design
April 2012: North American user group meeting
February 2012: Design a molecule sneak peek
January 2012: Computational chemistry solutions

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