Press releases


18 Oct: Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute enhances toolkit for computational and medicinal chemists with Flare for structure-based drug design
15 Oct: Cresset and Elixir collaborate to deliver efficiencies to the Design Make Test Analyze (DMTA) Cycle
20 Jun: Flare™ V2 heralds next generation of structure-based design with Electrostatic Complementarity™ scoring and new Python® API
14 Jun: The healing potential of tango for people living with Parkinson’s: Upcoming events
15 May: Cresset User Group Meeting 2018 to showcase new science, customer case studies and hands-on software workshops
8 Mar: Parkinson’s UK, Selcia, and Cresset collaborate to discover new drug candidates for Parkinson’s


12 Dec: Proximagen enhances medicinal chemists’ toolkit with Flare, for structure-based design
17 Oct: Up to 30% tax relief for French companies outsourcing projects to Cresset Discovery Services
4 Oct: Virtual screening streamlines the discovery pipeline at AusBiotech 2017
29 Jun: Cresset releases Flare: Powerful structure-based design application with outstanding new methods for protein-ligand systems
20 Jun: Cresset applications licensed by Shiv Nadar University, India, to teach computational chemists of the future
13 Jun: Re-Pharm and Cresset Discovery Services to attend BIO International for partnering
10 May: Scientific program and workshops announced for The Cresset User Group Meeting, 29th – 30th June 2017, Cambridge, UK
28 Mar: Cresset signs strategic alliance agreement to speed up drug design
25 Jan: Cresset corporate rebrand reflects new structure for growing company


15 Nov: Dr Scoffin, Cresset CEO, chairs and presents at International Congress of Medichem, Nanjing, China, 16-19 November 2016
12 Jul: BASF Crop Protection choose Cresset software for small molecule discovery and design
15 Jun: Cresset to distribute BioMolTech protein preparation and docking software worldwide
7 Jun: New Spark eMolecules reagent databases enable researchers to tie bioisosteric replacement ideas to reagent availability
3 May: Cresset announces scientific programs for 2016 User Group Meetings 2016
26 Apr: SAI Life Sciences Limited, India, licenses Cresset molecular design tools to advance customer projects
5 Apr: Level Five appointed as Cresset’s distributor in Japan 株式会社レベルファイブ(本社:港区)と英Cressetは、日本におけるビジネスデベロップメントを共同で実施します
30 Mar: COSMOlogic announces outstanding results in the Drug Design Data Resource SAMPL challenge, demonstrating the reliability of COSMOtherm predictions for drug de-solvation
29 Mar: Dr Robert Scoffin, CEO of Cresset, awarded Fellowship of Royal Society of Chemistry
23 Feb: Cresset’s innovative clustering method used to assess 3D similarity of 1.5 million BioBlocks structures
11 Feb: Cresset Discovery Services provides computer-aided drug design to Medicines for Malaria Venture
25 Jan: Domainex and Cresset Announce Drug Discovery Services Alliance


21 Oct: Cancer Therapeutics Cooperative Research Centre chooses Blaze for Virtual Screening
28 Jul: Fragments and conformations from the CCDC’s Cambridge Structural Database accessible through Cresset’s Spark
23 Jul: Activity Atlas for complex SAR interpretation – New in Forge 10.4 from Cresset
21 Jul: Cresset releases Torch V10.4 – Outstanding new tools help medicinal chemists make the best compound design decisions
16 Jun: Cresset to distribute COSMOlogic scientific software in North America
21 Apr: Cresset announces scientific programs for User Group Meetings
8 Apr: F2G license Cresset’s Forge to complement successful consulting projects
24 Mar: Mercachem choose Cresset’s Torch and Spark molecule design software to support their growing medicinal chemistry service business
10 Feb: Re-Pharm uses Cresset’s Forge to identify novel activity for an existing drug
20 Jan: Guiding Optimal Compound Design and Development: A One-day Symposium


25 Nov: Monash University Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Australia, licenses Cresset’s computational tools
18 Nov: Proximagen licenses Cresset’s computational tools for scaffold identification and bioisostere replacement
30 Oct: Unprecedented control over scaffold hopping searches with Spark V10.3
28 Oct: Nagoya University’s ITbM, Japan, licenses Cresset’s computational chemistry software to accelerate their research
29 Sep: Cresset donates to Novartis’s TExts to Sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA) project
16 Sep: International Symposium on Compound Design Technologies: Guiding Better Decisions in Drug Discovery, Shanghai, China
2 Sep: Selvita licenses Cresset’s computational tools for SAR analysis and ligand-based design
9 Jul: CloudScientific appointed as Cresset’s distributor in China
3 Jul: Forge V10.3: Significant new science, visualization and integration for leading ligand-based drug design workbench
30 Jun: Torch V10.3 delivers intuitive visualization and analysis tools for multiple parameter optimization
2 Jun: Centre for Chemical Biology & Therapeutics at inStem licenses Cresset’s computational tools for lead optimization and identification
12 May: Field Based Chemistry North America and Europe
6 May: New release of Cresset’s Blaze improves speed and scope of virtual screening and makes it available in the cloud
27 Feb: New release makes wide range of Cresset’s drug discovery software available through Pipeline Pilot interface
6 Feb: International Symposium on Compound Design Technologies


14 Nov: Rapidly explore available chemistry space in Spark V10.2
02 Oct: Activity Miner for lead optimization highlights and explains key activity insights
18 Sep: Practical introduction to using Cresset’s tools for imaginative molecule design
22 Aug: Cresset grows scientific team and relocates to offices in Cambridge Cluster
02 Jul: Cresset seeks partners for beta testing of ground breaking New Activity Miner module for rapid 3D SAR interpretation
27 Jun: Victrix CMCC chooses Cresset’s software for consulting projects to give insight into molecular activity
12 Jun: Cresset’s BlazeGPU delivers fast virtual screening on affordable hardware
25 Mar: Cresset announces release of Forge V10.1
19 Mar: Cresset chemistry software available free to degree students and at low cost to academic researchers
14 Mar: Next generation of XED force field enables accurate modeling of ligand-protein interactions
05 Feb: Field based chemistry North America and Europe 2013
17 Jan: Biologically intelligent database searching for lead identification and patent fortification
09 Jan: Spark chosen to facilitate the hit optimization process in ProMining Therapeutics


20 Nov: Torch chosen to add value to enzyme engineering
29 Oct: Free software transforms the way you see and draw molecules
25 Oct: Torch brings the next generation of molecule design to the desktop
19 Sep: Cresset unveils Spark – the update to FieldStere, a leading bioisostere software tool
20 Aug: Cresset announces appointment of David Bardsley as sales director
09 Aug: Cresset to exhibit and present at American Chemical Society national meeting and exposition
06 Jun: Isogenica, Cresset and Biolauncher secure funding from UK’s Technology Strategy Board for a £1M project to develop new small molecule drug platform
28 May: Cresset launches Forge and range of next generation chemistry software
04 Jan: Cresset and Optibrium announce technology collaboration

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