Cresset Engine Broker

Increase your productivity with Cresset Engine Broker by completing your experiments in as short a time as possible

The Cresset Engine Broker makes it easy to speed up your experiments by running Forge™, Spark™ and Flare™ calculations on a remote server or cluster. Whether you use the graphical interface, the command line, or our components for KNIME® and Pipeline Pilot, Cresset Engine Broker will dramatically speed up your calculations.

All you need to do is to type the address in the preferences (or set an environment variable) and you will have access to extra computing power from your desktop. If you have a Linux® cluster available you can now bring it to bear on your Windows® calculations.

You may wish to run calculations on machines on your own site, through your private cloud, or across the public cloud. Whichever way you choose to deploy it, the Cresset Engine Broker:

How does it work

The Cresset Engine Broker is a Linux application that sits between client computers (Windows, Linux® or OS X®) running GUI or command line versions of Cresset’s applications and high performance computing resources such as a Linux cluster. It receives calculation requests from Cresset applications and transfers them through to the HPC resources. It uses a simple, configurable script to start resources and submit requests to queuing systems such as SGE or Platform LSF. Installation and configuration is straight forward and fully supported by Cresset’s in-house experts to make upgrading your calculations painless.

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