Flare™ for Academics

Flare for Academics is a free* licensing option of Flare, our structure-based design solution, which has specifically been designed for academic users.

Who is eligable?

  • PhD students when used within scope of PhD thesis
  • Course tutors for teaching
  • Principal investigators
  • Postdoctoral researchers
  • Department heads
  • Academics in most countries; contact us to see if you are eligible for a free license*
  • University must be a degree awarding body where the major purpose of the institution is education and academic research
  • License options are not applicable to research institutes, not-for-profit organizations or consultancies –enquire about research licenses
  • Licenses should not be used for work on projects that intend to create commercial output.

Apply for Flare for Academics


To access the full capability of Flare, which allows you to use it on commercial projects, contact your account manager.

Other flexible licensing options for academics

See the flexible licensing options for our ligand-based solutions.

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