Blaze Cloud

Search millions of commercially available compounds using an encrypted web browser session

If you have strong computational chemistry expertise but lack computing power, using Blaze Cloud on a per-project basis provides a flexible, secure, high value solution. The per-project usage has an added benefit for contract research organizations in that product usage becomes a consumable, which simplifies the process of billing clients. Using Blaze Cloud is extremely cost effective, flexible and secure.

How does Blaze Cloud work?

Blaze Cloud

When you use Blaze Cloud you’ll be given access through your own secure, Cresset-hosted portal, which will only exist while you need it to ensure the security of your proprietary data. You can run searches for your project within the cloud infrastructure and access the software for as long as you need to complete your project.

You will be able to generate an unlimited number of hits, and the extremely high hardware cap is unlikely to affect most users. We’ll store your results for up to two full years, so you can always come back to your results later if needed.

Projects can also be completed using a portable cluster if preferred. Blaze Cloud includes access from KNIME.

Blaze is remarkable easy to use but should you require advice then the software comes with a full manual and context sensitive help on every page. You are welcome to use it from a web browser or using the REST interface.

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