Blaze Demo Server

Blaze is a powerful virtual screening application that uses a Linux cluster to rank databases for similarity to a known active. Unlike other approaches, Blaze uses both the electrostatic and shape similarity of compounds to assess the probability that they will bind to the target of interest. Blaze has powerful compounds and search management capabilities as well as a full set of user and project based permissions enabling control over exactly who sees which compounds. Blaze is accessed using a web browser, via command line or using a RESTful web service API which enables integration with Cresset's Forge as well as with workflow applications such as KNIME and Pipeline Pilot or with custom methods deployed in-house. Blaze is available as software, Blaze Cloud, or as part of Cresset's consultancy services. A demonstration version of Blaze is available with a small dataset of molecules to search. To access the demo server please complete the form below.

Note: All molecules uploaded to this service will be publicly visible and hence it should not be used for anything confidential.