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Flare Visualizer is a free version of Flare™, our agile ligand-based and structure-based drug design platform enabling research chemists to discover novel small molecules more efficiently and effectively in a single platform

Flare Visualizer

  • Use Flare for ligand-based design to efficiently and effectively design and prioritize new ligands for your target, with or without protein crystal structure information
  • Use Flare for structure-based design to enhance your designs using advanced approaches for protein ligand analysis in an accessible and flexible interface

View Flare licensing options to see what you get access to in Flare Visualizer.

Note: If you are affiliated to an academic institute, refer to Flare for Academics for the licensing options available.


Ease of comparing interactions of different ligands: display each ligand with its associated protein


Easy access to all ligand actions with ligand-centric organization


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