Tip Benefit
Keyboard shortcuts Flare V3 Quick access to commands
Keyboard shortcuts Flare V3 editing tools Quick access to commands
Use keyboard shortcuts (see below) 1, 2 and 3 to change the bond order when hovering over a bond in the Forge, Spark and Flare molecule editor Quicker than clicking on the bond
All Flare functionality can be accessed from the command line: see Gitlab for more information Flare has command line tools like Forge
Download multiple proteins from the RCSB at the same time. Go to File -> Download PDB and enter a list of PDB IDs, for example enter '4FKL,4EK4,1GZ8,2R3I'. Lists of PDB IDs can be generated. Flare can download and show these PDB. Useful if you want to explore and compare different crystal structures for your target
There is an Atom Pick panel in Flare - to open it, click on the small arrow on the bottom right corner of the Pick group in the Home tab Perform advanced atom pick operations
Tag interesting molecules using the right-click menu Keep track of interesting molecules and use filters to only show or hide molecules with specific tags


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