Flare Viewer

Gain deep insights into your protein-ligand complexes using powerful molecular visualization and Cresset’s proven electrostatics. Efficiently communicate your ideas with high quality graphics and interactive analysis.

Flare Viewer is a free licensing option of Flare™, our outstanding structure-based design application. See the components you will have access to for free in Flare Viewer.

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Easily visualize and analyze your protein-ligand complexes • Design new ligands, using Cresset proprietary electrostatics • Communicate your ideas with high quality graphics • Control what is selected in the 3D view • Generate field surfaces for the co-crystalized ligand to understand its electrostatics • Minimize the ligand, or user defined part of the ligand, ensuring bonds, angles and torsions have low energy values • Predict field surfaces onto a molecular surface on both molecules and compare them side-by-side • Capture, annotate and recall important scenes • Read multiple proteins into Flare, and align them • Optimize protein structures


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Note: If you are affiliated to an academic institute, refer to Flare for Academics for the licensing options available.


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