Release details are shown below:

Year Flare Torch Forge Spark Blaze XedTools Cresset KNIME™ Nodes Cresset Pipeline Pilot™ components
2018 V2.0
2017 V1.0 V10.5 V10.5  V10.5  V10.3
2015 V10.4 V10.4 V3.2 V2.4 V2.4
2014 V10.3 V10.3 V10.3 V10.2 V3.1 V2.3 V2.3
2013 V10.2 V10.2 V10.2 V10.1 (GPU) V3.0 V2.0
2012 V10.0 V10.0 V10.0 V10.0


Spark reagent databases

Get the very best availability information on which reagents to order. Download the latest release of the Spark reagent databases using the Spark Database update widget (instructions on the installing Spark databases page), or contact us if you would like to use a command line utility (such as wget).