Torx® DMTA

Collaborative drug discovery platform

Connect medicinal chemistry teams and CROs across the DMTA cycle to drive productivity in your small molecule discovery

A comprehensive drug discovery platform

All small molecule chemistry teams follow multiple iterations of the Design-Make-Test-Analyze (DMTA) cycle in their goal to reach the most promising clinical candidates. To optimize the DMTA cycle in modern drug discovery, chemists need to bring together scientific information from a growing range of sources, as well as manage a network of teams and CROs.

Torx drives productivity by centralizing all project data and connecting discovery teams and collaborators in a secure, cloud-based collaborative platform, so that the latest information is always accessible to those who need it, in the right format at the right time. Torx offers complete flexibility and customizability, with seamless integration to and from third-party applications, as well as scalability to grow with expanding business needs.

Torx is a collaboration between Cresset and Elixir Software Ltd.

  • Achieve faster quality candidate selection and new IP
  • Make informed decisions quickly and confidently
  • Capture a traceable 'story' for every molecule
  • Build and maintain effective collaborations with teams and CROs
  • Optimize resource allocation around project demands
  • Know the real-time status of every molecule in your portfolio
  • Spark innovation and creativity