Torx® DMTA

Comprehensive drug discovery platform

Connect chemistry teams and CROs across the DMTA cycle to drive collaboration and productivity

To optimize the DMTA (Design-Make-Test-Analyze) cycle in modern small-molecule drug discovery, chemists need to manage a network of teams and CROs and bring together scientific information from a growing range of sources. Torx is a chemistry aware, web-based platform that drives productivity by centralizing all project data with dedicated, stand-alone modules working securely and in synergy to deliver a complete discovery solution. The core principle is the ability to securely share information, while having full control of all chemistry data in a centralized location. The complete DMTA solution drives productivity through effective collaboration. 

  • Real-time information readily accessible in the correct format
  • Complete flexibility and customizability
  • Seamless integration with third-party applications
  • Highest levels of security
  • Fast deployment time
  • Full scalability to grow with expanding business needs

Torx Design and Make Laptop


"For anyone working on chemistry and coordinating synthesis with CROs, this product is a must have!"

R&D IT Manager, San Francisco-based Biotech

Torx - connected chemistry

Torx® Software is the synergistic collaboration between Cresset and Elixir® Software.

Torx Make (previously chemTraX) is powered by Elixir's iTraXTM technology, used successfully for over a decade by both biotech and large pharma.

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