“We are pleased to be working with Cresset’s software. This provides us with intuitive molecule design, a powerful ability to understand SAR and design plus a fresh way for generating novel and diverse structures for our projects.”
Dr. Kristian Birchall, Medical Research Council Technology

Cresset computational chemistry software provides a comprehensive workbench to optimize chemistry and add valuable insight to computational and synthetic/medicinal chemists’ research projects.

The software is underpinned by our unique, patented field technology that transforms molecular design and discovery with a ‘protein’s eye view’ of chemistry. Cresset software is available on Windows®, OS X® and Linux® machines and can be accessed by a variety of platforms including desktop applications, command lines, Pipeline Pilot protocols and KNIME® nodes.

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Try before you buy

Our computational chemistry software tools are available for you to try before you buy.

Download TorchLite free

TorchLite™ gives you a rich, informative view of how your molecules behave in biological systems. Download TorchLite free.

Integrating Cresset products

We provide intuitive graphical user interfaces for all our products but many customers prefer to integrate our innovative science into their existing workflows and custom applications. To help this process we have developed both KNIME and Pipeline Pilot components that bring all the functionality of Forge, Spark and Blaze into these workflow solutions. We also provide plugins for popular visualizers that enable these applications to display Cresset’s unique field points. We are always keen to integrate our science into other applications so contact us to discuss your requirements.

Academic license

To provide academic researchers, teachers and students with the very best computational chemistry software available, we offer a range of academic licensing options that provide low-cost or free access to our software. Read more about how to apply for a Cresset academic license.

Cresset Discovery Services

Cresset Discovery Services provides flexible contract research solutions to suit your project requirements. Use Cresset Discovery Services to evaluate software before purchase.