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Cresset mission


We deliver solutions to optimize chemistry R&D innovation and efficiency, enabling our customers to accelerate the development of better treatments to improve the health of humans, animals and the environment.

Our intuitive software solutions are built on the combination of outstanding scientific rigor, ease-of-use and clear presentation of results scientists can rely on.

Our contract research solutions provide access to the deepest molecular modeling expertise in the industry.

Our Torx DMTA platform connects chemistry teams and CROs across the DMTA cycle to drive collaboration and productivity

Through provision of these agile offerings, we enable research chemists to make better molecule design and synthesis decisions. By unlocking new research insights and avenues, chemistry teams increase their chance of success in discovering new and better molecules.

Cresset vision


Creating a healthier world through trusted state-of-the-art in silico discovery solutions.

We will continue to attract the finest talent into our organization. As a team we work collaboratively to deliver best-in-class scientific software and modeling solutions. With one of the world’s largest in-house teams of molecular modeling expertise, we will enable our customers to solve unmet clinical needs and ensure a healthy global society.

Cresset values


We foster a collaborative partnership with our customers and deliver scientific excellence through accessible, easy to use, software and world-leading computational chemistry expertise. We ensure equality and equity for our colleagues, who we nurture and support enabling them to reach their full potential.

Integrity: We do what is right for our colleagues and customers

Scientific credibility: Robust science for results you can rely on

Nurturing our colleagues: Working together to make a positive impact

Customer commitment: We care about your scientific results

Dr Andy Vinter 1943 - 2019

Andy formed Cresset in 2002. His ground-breaking research on comparing molecules in terms of their electrostatic potentials formed the scientific foundation of the company and has continued to underpin Cresset’s technical development. Andy’s work revolved around developing and improving the XED force field. The ideas behind this force field were originally introduced by Hunter and Sanders, JACS 1989, to model aromatic-aromatic interactions, and were extended into a full general-purpose force field by Andy (JCAMD, 1994). The XED model was developed with a special focus on accurate molecular electrostatics, including anisotropic charges on atoms and polarizability. It was the first major effort to move beyond the atom-centered charge model and did so not by placing explicit multipoles on atoms but by placing additional monopoles around them. This allowed it to correctly predict aromatic-aromatic stacking geometries and energies, hydrogen bonding and anomeric effects and the intermolecular interactions of small molecules, water and proteins.

Not one to take up formal retirement, Andy’s latter work focused on understanding agonism and antagonism in adrenergic GPCRs, particularly β2.

Andy was a founder member of the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society (MGMS) in 1981, served as the first chairman and remained on the committee for many years.

Andy passed away on 16th December 2019. His legacy is one of passion and drive for investigating realistic explanations for drug interactions with biological targets by computational means; of course, accompanied by wit and charm. Andy is sorely missed by all of us who had the pleasure and privilege of knowing and working with him.

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