Coming soon...the next generation of Torx® Software, the original chemistry-aware Kanban!

Torx® Test connects synthetic chemists with assay teams, enabling seamless scheduling, resource allocation and delivery of test results. The next generation of Torx Software will enable a clearer Kanban view than ever before, with single-click simplification of your board to group tickets by Test Code, Assay Name, TestSet or Assigned Scientist.

See what tests have been ordered and where they are in the process – for every compound!

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Torx® Test

Automate assay scheduling and monitor progress in real time

Connect synthetic chemists and assay teams with a holistic view of requests, enabling seamless scheduling, resource allocation and results delivery

Torx Test for chemistry teams

Stay up to date with the assays that are available to you and know when to expect your results. Remove the administrative burden from the testing process and make better use of your time.

  • Automatically request and schedule assays upon registration from Torx Make
  • Easily modify assay selection for specific compounds
  • Request follow up assays for compounds already in your inventory
  • Instantly view the testing status of all requests

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Torx Test Orchestrator

Torx Test Orchestrator in action

Torx Test for assay teams

  • Show up-to-date window of all assays available to chemistry teams, and mass requirements for each assay
  • Have foresight on requests and priorities ahead of schedule
  • Allocate resources effectively around project demands
  • Update testing progress in real time without the need for laborious reporting
  • Capture data for KPI analysis to manage demand with capacity
  • Smooth integration with legacy systems - connect to inventory systems, assay databases and report generators

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View and manage status of test requests

View and manage status of test requests

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