Torx Make – CDD Vault integration

Integration with CDD Vault enables seamless CRO collaboration and removes manual registration steps

Torx® Make enables research chemists and managers to easily track and manage compound synthesis across all in-house and CRO projects. Furthermore, integration of Torx with CDD Vault®, a modern web application for chemical registration, enables chemists to register compounds at the click of a button and ensure all output is automatically calculated and kept up to date across both platforms.

The visual, intuitive Kanban system of Torx Make provides users with a top-level overview of all the latest synthesis progress and information, facilitating informed decision making and allocating resource around project demands. Integration of Torx Make with CDD Vault can then be carried out very easily to facilitate seamless synthesis and registration of new compounds.


Monte Rosa Therapeutics

Monte Rosa Therapeutics is a Boston-based biotechnology company developing a portfolio of novel molecular glue degraders. They use Torx to coordinate synthetic chemistry efforts with CRO partners, and push synthesis information directly into the CDD Vault registration system.

The integration with in-house databases has provided additional efficiencies for our CRO partners and Monte Rosa chemists, removing manual registration steps. Torx Make readily scales with our expanding requirement to leverage more externalized chemistry

Bernhard Fasching, Vice President, Chemistry at Monte Rosa Therapeutics


Torx Make integrating with CDD Vault - registration initiated in Torx

Torx Make integrating with CDD Vault - registration initiated in Torx