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Our dedicated in-house team of expert CADD scientists are the best at what they do

Cresset Discovery team expertise

When you outsource to us you access a wide and varied team of experts, not just an expensive individual.

Collaboration sparks new methods and ideas

When you collaborate with us, you access expertise and advice from an experienced and knowledgeable team, ensuring you reach your next milestone faster and more cost effectively.

The strength of our discovery research skill set is second to none.

Our skilled molecular modelers spark new ideas and bring fresh perspective, sharing expert advice and guidance about how to accelerate your assets through the pipeline.

Our consultants are excited by the synergistic nature of contract research and the new challenges each project brings. We offer a unique perspective to advance your project, with intelligent insights and collaborative support.

Experts with extensive industry experience

The range of starting points, project types and development requirements we have experience with is extensive, so the chances are we already have experience relevant to advance your project.

We have completed hundreds of contract research projects with many of the global top pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical and flavor and fragrance companies – read case studies.

As our expert molecular modelers have complementary skills, knowledge and experience, we can match the right consultant, with the correct expertise, ensuring you get maximum value.

Supporting your project is our wider team of experienced application scientists, project managers and account managers. Through open and honest communication, we guide you with objective advice to deliver the right technology and solutions to match your project goals.

Find out what to expect when engaging with Cresset Discovery to advance your small molecule design project.

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