Torx® Make

Track compound synthesis from start to finish across in-house and CRO projects

Facilitate secure, real-time collaboration using the feature-rich Kanban module

Track and manage synthesis projects

Navigate the communication challenges of employing a distributed team by connecting chemists from all organizations within a single, secure workspace. Torx® Make (previously chemTraX) was developed by our collaboration partner Elixir SoftwareTM, and allows full control of the information shared with invited collaborators. The customizable interface is fully scalable and suited to all business needs, from the smallest biotech start-up to the largest global pharmaceutical.

  • Full configuration of access levels and privacy permissions for invited users
  • Communicate securely with multiple organizations
  • Assign selected partners to projects
  • Track real-time status and deliver project updates instantly 
  • Integrate seamlessly with legacy systems and databases

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Torx Make CRO assignment

"During my time at AstraZeneca I was working with chemTraX and really liked it- I appreciated the usefulness, how easy it is to work with. When I joined Evariste they were already using Torx Make, so when I learned I’d be using it again I was really pleased!"

Dr Jan Lanz, Principal Scientist, Evariste

Torx Make for biotech

Accelerate your drug discovery projects while maximizing use of your resources. Torx Make opens up secure, real-time information exchange with your CRO partner(s). The collaborative Kanban tracks compounds and simplifies processes, making better use of your discovery scientists and budgets.

  • Available as a fully hosted, standalone module
  • Fast deployment and simple integration into your workflow
  • Fully customizable and scalable to grow with your business
  • Simple integration with third party informatics


Torx Make - share

Securely assign compounds to external collaborators

Torx Make for pharma

Work securely and confidently with a comprehensive view of all projects. The functional Kanban of Torx Make was originally developed by pharma research scientists, with the purpose of creating software to improve R&D efficiency. 

  • Collaborate with multiple CROs securely with real-time information exchange 
  • Engage in live, shared sessions to review and feed back ideas
  • Monitor DMTA cycle times for auditing and KPIs
  • Integrate seamlessly with Torx Design, Torx Test and Torx Analyze modules if required
  • Monitor projects and eliminate effort duplication 
  • Automate registration steps with integration to third party informatics 

Torx Make request tracking board

Track the progress of synthesis projects in the request tracking board

Time and cost savings

The integration of Torx Make has been proven to increase productivity and bring major savings in both time and cost.

When communicating and sharing compounds with external parties such as CROs, the need for multiple documents such as spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides and emails, and the requirement for regular project meetings often take many hours of scientists' time. 

Implementing Torx Make can help to streamline communication and eliminate the time being spent on these low value tasks, leaving your scientists more time to make the molecules that matter! The fully customizable interface can be used as the information source for review meetings, avoiding the need for time-consuming preparation of slides and reports.

There was a huge time saving in back-and-forth communications. I think we saved 2hr/week/scientist - equal to a FTE (full time equivalent), plus another 4-6 hrs/week/dept head on coordination - almost another FTE!

R&D IT Manager, San Francisco-based Biotech

Integration with third party informatics

Torx Make can be very easily integrated with third party informatics such as CDD Vault® and CAS SciFindern. Our dedicated team are experienced in delivering integrations in a timely manner. This further simplifies processes and optimizes laboratory efficiencies.

Read the CDD vault application note to learn more 

Torx Make integrated with CDD Vault

 Simple integration with third-party informatics such as CDD Vault

Torx Make - powered by iTraX

Torx Software is the synergistic collaboration between Cresset and Elixir Software.

Torx Make (previously chemTraX) is powered by Elixir's iTraXTM technology, used successfully for over a decade by both biotechs and large pharma.

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