Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility

We currently support, and have previously supported, the following organizations with which our colleagues have a close association:


We do what we can today to ensure a healthy planet for the future. We actively recycle or repurpose paper, cardboard, plastics, printer cartridges, coffee capsules and grounds, batteries and small electrical items. A cycle-to-work scheme is available to employees, as is an electric vehicle charger point on-site.

All business travel is tracked and its CO2 offset with the aim to reduce our carbon footprint to zero.

Colleagues are encouraged to be aware of how they can make a positive impact for the enivronment whilst in the work place, for example, with simple measures such as switching lights and equipment off when not needed.



In over 20 years of corporate history we have focused on delivering innovative, accessible and reliable science to research chemists in industry and academia. We continue to develop as a world class provider of solutions for small molecule discovery and pride ourselves in providing an excellent customer experience and we're constantly looking at ways to exceed expectations.


Employee engagement

We ensure that our team, whether office or remote workers, have a safe and comfortable working environment. Cresset understands that everyone has a life outside of work and we are committed to doing what we can to help people strike the right balance between their professional and personal commitments. All colleagues are treated fairly and ethically.

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Our suppliers are integral to ensuring the future of our business. Where possible we support local suppliers.


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