Bridge resource gaps

Cresset Discovery interviewed, hired, trained and placed computational chemistry staff for a medium sized drug discovery company. This involved the successful transition from a customer outsourcing computational chemistry to having their own in-house resource.

Customer requirement

A medium sized drug discovery company didn't have their own computational team so needed to outsource computational chemistry.

With time, as they validated the ideas and proved the value to their discovery work, they wanted to recruit an in-house computational team.

Our role

Working for this company for a number of years we provided support and insight to their medicinal chemistry projects on an ongoing collaborative basis.

Supporting their decision to recruit their own comp chem team, we recruited two full time members of staff for them and provided training and support to the team. 

The charging structure was based on days worked on the customer project. Confidentiality agreements were in place to ensure that the customer’s IP was fully protected throughout the whole process.


Having validated the ideas and proven the value of computational chemistry to their discovery work, the customer embedded it into their workflow using the most cost effective route. As the workload increased, the contractual staff transitioned to full time roles as employees of the customer.

The customer now has a permanent in-house computational chemistry resource to support their medicinal chemistry projects. As the workload varies, they continue to outsource projects to Cresset Discovery. There continues to be very close working relationships between their in-house medicinal and computational chemists and Cresset Discovery.


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