A single platform for ligand-based and structure-based drug design that enables research chemists to discover novel small molecules more efficiently and effectively

Flare V5 ligand and structure-based design

Ligand-based design in Flare

Efficiently and effectively design and prioritize new ligands for your target, with or without protein crystal structure information

Building on and including methods previously available in Forge™, ligand-based design is reimagined in Flare. Powered by Cresset’s patented ligand comparison method to align and score molecules based on electrostatic and shape properties, medicinal and computational chemists use Flare LigandPro to create 3D binding hypotheses, and build qualitative and quantitative 3D models of activity, for key insights on how compounds interact with protein targets using activity cliff analysis.

Structure-based design in Flare

Enhance your designs using advanced approaches for protein ligand analysis in an accessible and flexible interface

Flare StructurePro combines the best of Cresset’s internal research with open-source and proprietary methods, including a modern Python API. Computational chemists will get new insights into protein-ligand binding, enabling them to prioritize of new ligand designs, as well as the ability to make less compounds by predicting activities of new molecules using Flare FEP, before they are synthesized.

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