TORX® Analyze

Analyze design outcomes to drive inspiration and decision making

Combine design information and assay results in a single click to inform the next round of the DMTA cycle

Analyze all molecule data in a single place

Connect existing assay data from your internal databases with new ideas in Torx to inform your design decisions and analyze the outcomes of hypotheses.  Maximise the impact of your project data by creating informative, personalised views using customizable plugins.

As an optional add-on to Torx Design, Torx Analyze enables medicinal chemists to:

  • Create custom data sets combining measured data from multiple proprietary sources, systems and flat files
  • Merge the latest assay results with design information in a single click
  • Visualise theoretical and measured data from all stages of the DMTA cycle
  • View data as 2D and 3D scatter plots, box plots, histograms and pie charts
  • Present and interact with assay results alongside calculated physicochemical properties and 3D poses from docking and alignment experiments
  • Use results to drive discussion and design decisions


Torx Analyze

Torx Analyze - compare molecules in 2D plots and the 3D viewer

Torx Analyze

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