Advanced ligand-based virtual screening to dramatically increase your wet screening hit rate at a fraction of the cost

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Make efficient use of your time by routinely running a virtual screen in parallel to wet screening. A virtual screen of 10 million structures just takes a few hours, or calculations can be run overnight.

Blaze has been delivering lead-like hits to our customers for over a decade. They have achieved hit rates as high as 30%, but what they really value is the diversity of hits returned from every Blaze screen.

  • Carry out biologically relevant virtual screens of large chemical databases
  • Use the electrostatic character and shape of known ligands to rapidly search large chemical collections for molecules with similar properties
  • Increase the diversity of your project’s leads and backups
  • Jump into new areas of chemical space
  • Find novel lead-like hits from known actives
  • Replace peptides with non-peptides or steroids with non-steroids
  • Achieve substantial improvements in the properties of your hits.
Blaze Cloud

Blaze Cloud

Search millions of commercially available compounds using an encrypted web browser session.

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Blaze V10.3 interface

Flexible deployment

  • Install Blaze on your CPU or GPU Linux clusters
  • Deploy our Amazon-ready version of Blaze
  • Access Blaze Cloud on Cresset hardware via a secure web portal
  • Engage Cresset Discovery Services to carry out a virtual screening project.
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Licensing Blaze

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