Medicinal chemists

Make your designs stand out quickly, and share them easily with internal and external chemistry teams through our intelligent solutions for molecule design, optimization, and collaboration


Design and prioritize new ligands for your target

Use Flare™ to efficiently and effectively design and prioritize new ligands for your target, with or without protein crystal structure information.

Prioritize new ligands with Flare

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Generate highly innovative ideas

Our customers tell us that Spark™ is the best scaffold hopping and bioisostere replacement tool they have ever used.

  • Kick start your chemistry by quickly generating a a range of novel molecules from an intial structure
  • Find new R-groups from available chemistry using Spark's unrivalled output: whether your goal is R-group exploration, patent busting or IP finding
  • Simplify complex experiments, such as fragment linking, ligand growing, macrocyclization and water replacement
  • Search your own chemical diversity for accessible bioisosteres from your compound collection or available reagents

Generate innovative ideas with Spark

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Capture and share compounds, hypotheses and challenges

Cresset has partnered with Elixir Software to deliver Torx®, a visual, chemistry aware, cloud-based DMTA (design-make-test-analyze) platform. 

  • Connect with computational chemists in the DMTA cycle
  • Track the status of all designs and compounds and share progress in real time
  • Prioritize and assign compounds to internal and external collaborators
  • Integrate with Flare or third-party tools such as CDD Vault®
  • Plan experiments more efficiently, and prioritize and assign compounds

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Torx Design

Inform next iteration of design using live project queries and analyses

Discovery CRO

Demand driven resources

Cresset Discovery's expert computational chemists can help you remove roadblocks and reach your next milestone faster.

Flexible consultancy packages mean that projects can range from a few days to ongoing collaborative work over the course of years. For your next project we can work alongside you from the ground up, giving you expert advice and guidance about how to accelerate your assets through the pipeline.

Collaborate with our expert discovery scientists

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