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As your computational chemistry CRO we will never seek to own any intellectual property from your projects

Our experts bring a unique perspective to help you remove obstacles, and save time and money, to advance your drug discovery project performance


Cresset Discovery collaborates with internal and external partners using Torx®. Design tracking viewed by project owner (left) and an external partner (right).

Expertise to accelerate your assets through the pipeline

Intelligent in silico discovery approaches are at the heart of our offering. Through our extensive computational drug discovery capabilities, we work alongside you to discover fresh ideas, remove roadblocks and add direction and insight, helping you to:

  • Reach your next milestone faster and more cost effectively
  • Direct your resources in the direction most likely to succeed
  • Gain access to the latest in silico and AI modeling technologies

Whatever your project, we share your goals and challenges. We can help at every stage of the design-make-test-analyze cycle, from how to develop an idea, to a highly focused issue with a lead compound, or anything in-between.

We do not seek to own any intellectual property from your project; all scientific materials relating to the work belong to you.


Collaborate efficiently with your in-house and external partners.

Flexible, demand-driven resources to optimize the value of your research investment

  • We will help you create a service package that suits your needs, whether that be a matter of days or a long-term collaboration
  • Flexible delivery models to fit with your R&D workflow – from task-based to flexible service days
  • Agile delivery – as results come in, we quickly adapt to align with the strategic direction of your research
  • Use us as your long-term computational chemistry CRO, or to help navigate bottlenecks in your project


Collaboration with our dedicated team sparks new methods and ideas.

Engaging Cresset Discovery CRO to advance your small molecule design project

  • Enquire-Establish-Execute-Evaluate is our tried and tested framework built on the successful delivery of over 400 discovery projects
  • You can expect confidentiality and partnership from a team of expert scientists, underpinned at every stage by our core values of trust and integrity
  • Request a no-risk confidential discussion with our CADD experts: this often rapidly leads to the identification of potential avenues to develop your project, which can be expanded into a project proposal upon request

Robust science, innovative methods

As your scientific partner, we share a real interest in your research. We will always choose the right technology for your project, based on your needs and project goals.

By utilizing Cresset’s proprietary technology for ligand and structure-based drug design, and close synergy with the Cresset CADD Software and Torx® DMTA teams we’re able to offer a complete solution that combines specialist software tools with molecular design expertise, to advance your project cost-effectively.

Request a confidential discussion to find out how we can add value to your project.

Contact us for a free confidential discussion

Contact us for a free confidential discussion
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