Why Cresset Discovery?

As your computational chemistry CRO, our experts bring a unique perspective to help you remove obstacles, and save time and money, to advance your drug discovery project performance

Collaboration sparks new methods and ideas

  • Whatever your project, we share your goals and challenges
  • It's our business to help you achieve project milestones
  • Projects can be staged with key milestones and deliverables planned in advance
  • We will never try to sell you a task that will not help

Experts with extensive industry experience

  • The range of starting points, project types and development requirements we have experience with is extensive, so the chances are we already have experience relevant to advance your project

  • As our scientists have complementary skills, knowledge and experience, we can match the right consultant, with the correct expertise, to your project to deliver maximum value

  • We have completed hundreds of contract research projects with many of the global top pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical and flavor and fragrance companies

  • Our experts have an excellent track record in discovery research

  • We propose methods that provide answers in the most intelligent and innovative way

  • We're excited by new challenges and by the synergistic nature of contract research

Flexible, demand driven resources to optimize the value of your research investment

  • We will help you create a service package that suits your needs, whether that be a matter of days or a long-term collaboration over years
  • Projects can be staged with key milestones and deliverables planned in advance
  • Pay for only the services you need to reach your goals
  • Access our expertise where and when you need it to eliminate unnecessary overheads while obtaining a world class service
  • Obtain exactly the resources and support you need for the projects at hand

What you need to start your project with us

  1. A challenging project in the field of drug discovery, biotechnology, agrochemicals, flavors, fragrances: this could be as generic as how to develop an idea, to a very focuses issue with a lead compound, or anything in-between
  2. No-risk free confidential discussion with our CADD experts: this often rapidly leads to the identification of potential avenues to develop your project, which can be expanded into a project proposal upon request

Contact us for a free confidential discussion

Contact us for a free confidential discussion