Coordinating molecule design across medicinal and computational chemistry using Torx Design™

Torx Design Webinar May 2021

Date and duration

Date: May 25th 2021

Time: 4pm BST, 11am EDT

Duration: 45 minutes

Format: Webinar


The design of new bioactive molecules is a team effort, taking input from both medicinal and computational chemists amongst others. Each team member brings their own expertise to the problem, to enhance each design and enable the project to move forward at the optimal pace. However, it can be challenging to communicate molecules and metadata effectively across teams, especially as working practices have evolved. Traditionally, this would be done using PowerPoint slides or email attachments, risking loss of fidelity or even important data being overlooked or hidden.  

Torx Design acts as a communication hub, where team members can capture, share and act upon all hypotheses and proposed molecules using input from critical physico-chemical and 3D pose information. This empowers computational and medicinal chemists to continually improve on each other’s ideas and create the optimal molecule design to progress into synthesis. The system removes communication bottlenecks and enhances cross-team cooperation and delivery of new drug candidates.

Join us for a live demonstration of Torx Design and learn how it supports both medicinal and computational chemists to coordinate their input to the design of new small molecule chemical entities.

About the presenter Tim_Cheeseright-author

After a DPhil in Chemistry at the University of Oxford, Tim Cheeseright gained experience as a medicinal chemist and a molecular modeler at Peptide Therapeutics and Medivir. He then co-founded Cresset, one of the Torx development partners. As CEO at Torx Software, Tim leads the strategy of ensuring all drug discovery teams have access to solutions that streamline processes and shorten development timelines.


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